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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 1746-1827

one of the founders of modern pedagogy

Pestalozzi's main concern was education given to children of all conditions and also to adults regardless of their standing.

His institute in the castle of Yverdon (Canton of Vaud) was an important centre for 20 years, from 1805 to 1825, which attracted observers from many countries to witness Pestalozzi's theories in practice. It was Pestalozzi who first developed educational concepts like teacher training and curriculum innovations like group work, field trips, grade levels, ability grouping, and allowing for individual differences. He had a profound influence on many others in educational theory, including Friedrich Froebel, the German inventor of the kindergarten.

Pestalozzi took up Rousseau's ideas and explored how they might be developed and implemented. He opposed memorization learning and strict discipline, and pioneered in the use of tactile objects in the teaching of natural science.

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