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Froebel Gifts

The gifts are intended to give the child new universal aspects of the external world, suited to a child’s development. The gifts lead to discovery and give insight.


  • Color First Gift
    Six colored worsted balls, about an inch and a half in diameter.
  • Shape Second Gift
    Wooden Ball, cylinder. and cube, one inch and a half in diameter.
  • Number Third Gift
    Eight one-inch cubes, forming a two inch cube (2x2x2).
  • Extent Fourth Gift
    Eight brick shaped blocks (2x1x1/2) forming a two-inch cube.
  • Symmetry Fifth Gift
    Twenty-seven one-inch cubes, three bisected and three quadrisected diagonally, forming a three-inch cube (3x3x3).
  • Proportion Sixth Gift
    Twenty-seven brick-shaped blocks, three bisected longitudinally and six bisected transversely, forming a three-inch cube.

Surfaces Seventh Gift

  • Squares
    derived from the faces of the second or third gift cubes Entire squares - one and a half in. square of one-inch square and Half-squares - squares cut diagonally
  • Equilateral triangles
    length of side, one inch, or one inch and a half. Entire triangles, Half triangles - the equilateral triangle is cut in the direction of the altitude, yielding right scalene triangles, acute angles of 60 degrees and 30 degrees and Thirds of triangles - the equilateral triangle is cut from the center to the vertices, yielding obtuse isosceles triangles, angles 30 and 120 degrees

Lines Eighth Gift

  • Straight
    Splints of various lengths.

Rings Ninth Gift

  • Circular
    Metal or paper rings of various sizes; whole circles, half circles, and quadrants

Points Tenth Gift

Beans, lentils, or other seeds, leaves, pebbles, pieces of card-board of paper, etc.

Froebel Occupations

The occupations furnish material for practice in certain skills, the occupations lead to to invention and give the child power.


Plastic clay, card-board work, wood-carving, etc


Paper-folding, paper-cutting, parquetry, painting, etc.


Interlacing, intertwining, weaving, thread games, embroidery, drawing, etc.


Stringing beads, buttons, etc.; perforating, etc.


Softened peas or wax pellets and sharpened sticks or straws. more information

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