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Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel was the fifth son of Johann Jakob Fröbel, the Lutheran pastor of Oberweißbach in Thuringia. His grandfather, Johannes Fröbel was the gamekeeper/forester for the Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt in Neuhaus am Rennsteig.

"Friedrich Fröbel his relatives and ancestors" was published by Dr Johannes Pruefer in 1914 in the June and July issues of "Kindergarten". Hilmar Fröbel, a great nephew of Friedrich established a direct line of ancestors to Caspar Fröbel (1564 - 1640).

Caspar Fröbel 1564 - 1640

Nikolaus Fröbel 1604 - 1695

Michael Fröbel 1652 - 1720

Johannes Fröbel 1687 - 1738

Johann Jakob Fröbel 1730 - 1802

Friedrich Fröbel 1782 - 1852

Hilmar considered that the family had migrated to Thuringia from Silesia and speculated that the family name may be derived from a town called Fröbeln. "vrba" is the name of the willow tree and is part of many place names in Silesia, Bohemia and Thuringia.

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Recent research by Johannes Froebel-Parker has identified a Johannes Fröbel, who was a sculptor of religious themes in Silesia during the sixteenth century. Johannes is confident that the family name derives from "vrba" which means a weeping willow and that the Froebel family migrated from Silesia between 1540 and 1564.

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Friedrich Fröbel 1782 -1852

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