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I am finishing work on a recording entitled Primer which is an hour long work in 20 sections, which correspond to Froebel's gifts. I recorded the sound of each activity (ie., wool balls rolling across floor, stacking wooden blocks) as well as a corresponding musical part, which is my idea of an aural representation of the physical/visual gift. It will be released in April 2000. I am working on the liner notes and trying to articulate what I am doing. I am interested in any thoughts on the matter. Thanks very much, Helen Mirra

I am an artist based in U.K and I am currently involved in an exhibition called 'taut space' at the Roehampton Institute in London. The exhibition has been organised by 3 curators who work at the Froebel's Art department. The department is has strong links with Froebel's and the head has published a book on him and the institute. Did you know about any of this and would you be interested in being involved in the exhibtion in some way? By the way, great web site, almost too much info, it will be very useful for my research. Thankyou Emma Smith

How Friedrich Froebel used Mathematics to Invent Kindergarten in 1840 and Where His Pupils are Today - is the tile of a presentation by Professor Judy Barford

I am writing a book on 11 historical figures of early childhood and would like to know where I could get an image of the grave stone of Froebel with the sphere, cylinder and cube. Jennifer Wolfe

There are more images of the gravestones at this web site, the pictures are linked to larger copies.

I am a teacher at PFH (Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus in Berlin). You may see a picture of the building in my homepage

Sean Griffin, email would be very interested to hear from practicising teachers who are implementing Froebelian principles in their classrooms at any grade level.

I have been asked by Routledge to edit a collection of Froebel's work and Froebelian texts relating to the English nursery school. A description of the project is to be found at: There is also a link to the proposed list of contents. If any one has any alternative suggestions or any comments at all on the selection please feel free to contact me. Dr Kevin J. Brehony, School of Education, The University of Reading, Bulmershe Court, Reading RG6 1HY, UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1734 875123 x 4873. Fax:+44 (0)1734 318863 e-mail:

First thank you for the wonderful treasures you are providing those of us interested in Froebel. I am a lecturer of education at Froebel College and Adlerian psychologist.

My interest in in the spirituality of education, connections between Froebel philosophy and the psychological theories of Alfred Adler. I would love to hear from anyone who shares these interests and my commitment to a spiritual-holistic view of education.

My thanks to you and I will continue to use your site as a resource. By the way, Sean and I are soon to publish a monograph on the Froebel-Adler connection and its implications for teaching as a spiritual activity. My home address is below:

Dr. David J. Carey
5 Grange Grove, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Phone/Fax: 01 2892846 Mobile: 086 8115764

I am doing a study of development psychology. This is as I see an advanced form of science, that gives us an understanding of how man develops from childhood to his death through several stages. In each stage he is experiencing a crises, that he can solve or fail to solve. This theory is mainly developed by Erik Erikson. In the highest state man is idetifying himself with the whole of society. In this Marvellous theory I am missing the mystical idea that man can go further and identify with something even greater, the whole, or the universe. I remember several years ago reading about Fröbel saying that children by nature want to learn, by nature want to help. This mean that we don't have to teach children to become good citizens, we have only to stimulate what is already inside them. I thank you for your page! By giving out the deep ideas of Friedrich Fröbel you contribute to the improvement of humanity. I believe that the bad conditions that are in society all over the world today only can be cured, as your ancestor rightly told two hundred years ago, by stimulating the soul in ourselves and other people and thereby get a connection to God and universal love. Torgny Jansson

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