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Origins of Nursery Education:

The Froebelian Experiment

6 volumes edited by Kevin J. Brehony

As one of the early pioneers of nursery education, Frederich Froebel is ripe for re-evaluation. This set reprints a selection of English translations of his work, as well as writings on the reception and critique of his methods.

Routledge invited Dr Kevin J. Brehony to edit this collection of Froebel's work and Froebelian texts, which was published in August 2001.

Volume 1.
The Education of Man. by Friedrch Froebel (1885)

Volume 2.
Letters on the Kindergarten. by Friedrich Froebel (1887)

Volume 3.
Pedagogics of the Kindergarten. by Friedrch Froebel (1900)

Volume 4.
Friedrich Froebel's Education By Development : the second part of the Pedagogics of the Kindergarten by Friedrch Froebel (1896)

Volume 5.
Mothers Songs and selected writings


Froebel, F. (1900) Mother's Songs, Games and Stories. (omitting the music manauscripts)

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Shirreff, E. (1888). "What is women's work in the world". Journal of Education X(232): 519-520.

Volume 6.
The Evolution of English Nursery Education


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Handwork and Slöyd

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In the Kindergarten

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Free kindergartens

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Responses to Darwinian criticism

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Froebel revised

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The Froebelian critique of infants schools

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Revisonist Froebelianism and Montessori

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