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Zome System

it will change the architecture of your mind

Introduce children to the exciting possibilities of Zome System. Zome System is the construction toy for the 21st century used around the world by top scientists and designers, but easy for your child to learn! It's incredibly fun for kids! Zome System features shape and color coded parts which kids can use to build domes, bridges, crystals and fractals.

Zometool - Creator 1

Zometool Creator 1 Kit is the perfect introduction to this extremely sophisticated, yet easy to use, ball and stick construction system - build a house, a flower, or mathematically correct geometric solids.

Concise color instruction booklet, with models and a plastic tray for sorting and storing parts. secure online ordering for US delivery Buy Today

    246 Parts
  • 60 white nodes
  • 30 each of 3 lengths blue struts
  • 20 each of 3 lengths yellow struts
  • 12 each of 3 lengths red struts

Color and Shape show the Way

Zome System has something for everyone

nodeChildren as young as 6 years old use their little fingers to intuitively explore different shapes and patterns. Fixed joints allow construction of complex shapes, because the necessary angles are built into each node. Blue struts fit into rectangular holes; yellow struts into triangular holes, and red struts into pentagonal holes.

Zome is a powerful design tool and educational toy for children and hobbyists, students, teachers and researchers. Precision molded in ABS plastic.

Zome System is the ultimate construction toy with thousands of creative uses to capture the imaginations of children and Ph.D.s everywhere.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy Zome System. But we love it too," said NASA Scientist, Dr. David Noever. National Aeronautics & Space Administration uses Zome System to research space frames and to study the effects of weightlessness on colloid crystals.

Children use Zome to model towers, dinosaurs, helicopters, and crystal patterns. 1,200 schools in seven countries use this construction toy to teach math, science, art and technology concepts. Because the necessary angles are built into each node, Buckyballs, DNA, quasicrystals, viruses and other natural shapes almost build themselves.
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